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Hynetic Electronics Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1989 as the first semiconductor distributor of Indian origin. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company grew rapidly and expanded operations across the country with offices in all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Having secured numerous business wins through value-added distribution services, Hynetic built a flourishing landscape for silicon vendors and global distributors alike to venture into the Indian subcontinent. In 2008, the catalogue distribution was acquired by Premier Farnell (now Element 14) and the franchise lines were acquired by Arrow Electronics to leverage the exponential growth of this industry.

Since 2008, under the able and visionary leadership of Mr. Ramesh D. N., Hynetic has reinvented itself as an engineering design house and an on-demand manufacturing services company. Over the last ten years, Hynetic has designed and deployed a number of solutions ranging from LED drivers to Data Concentrator units for large-scale IoT deployments. Having built an exceptionally talented team of hardware and software engineers, Hynetic now has a suite of technology solutions in the fields of Power Electronics and Embedded Systems for IoT applications.

Hynetic’ s monumental successes include deployments of over 1M+ LED Drivers in the field, more than 200 MW+ of power plant monitoring solutions and nearly 10k+ smart streetlights spread across the country. With a strong reputation for ethical business and exceptional customer service, Hynetic is the preferred technology partner for some of the biggest OEM’s in India. As a tribute to 10 years of successful and state of the art technology development, Hynetic is going global by starting its international operations in Singapore to address the APAC and ANZ markets for IoT solutions.

Hynetic’ s Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution is designed to create an overarching digital control system that is based on the concept of IoT, and cloud computing to deliver efficiency to existing streetlight grids. This Smart Outdoor Lighting System comprises a network of key infrastructure elements with a combination of sensors and peripheral devices that can be managed through the internet to monitor and control streetlights. Our solutions are offered in two architectures depending on requirements. These key elements in a Smart Lighting Solution includes: • Smart Light Controllers • Smart Light Gateways • Management Software We provide a range of solutions for different communication frameworks: • RF Zigbee • PLCC • GSM/GPRS • LoRaWAN • NB-IoT smart-light

Lighting has been known to affect people’s moods, motivation, well-being, and productivity. With people spending most of their adult life indoors, lighting is playing an increasingly important role in our day to day lives. Human Centric Lighting solutions can support circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, and prevent sleeping disorders.

With Smart Lighting fixtures, the luminosity can be manipulated to range from warm white to cool white light, and granular controls allow for dimmable intensity from 0-100%.




  • Hynetic’ s Smart Lighting platform enables management of LED luminaires using a single dashboard for commercial building and office lighting applications.
  • Control and monitor individual and group of luminaires.
  • Create scenes by adjusting the intensity and colour temperatures (warm white to cool white).
  • Gather data to personalize the lighting to achieve energy savings.
  • Receive alerts and warnings on the functioning of the LED luminaires.
  • Available in two solutions variants based on communication framework – Wi-Fi and PoE respectively.
  • Wi-Fi enabled platform ensures hassle-free commissioning and deployment unlike other wireless gateways.
  • Web-dashboard and Mobile Application for seamless access to relevant users based on roles (Installer, Building Manager / Owner, Employee).


We offer a leading range of top quality and compact constant current LED Drivers to ensure outstanding lighting performance and functionality for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. This range of LED Drivers is designed specifically for applications in poor line conditions and to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Includes unique functions like auto shutdown and recovery for low and high voltage conditions. KEY FEATURES

  • Wide Input Operating Voltage: 140-270Vac
  • 440V Input Voltage Protection
  • Immune to high surge stress up to 2kV with 1kA surge current
  • Ability to work in harsh industrial environment line conditions
  • Built-in intelligent PFC function
  • Power Factor >0.9
  • High efficiency up to 80%
  • Best suitable for lighting applications
  • Auto-shutdown and recovery from high input voltage
  • Auto-shutdown and recovery from low input voltage
  • Protections: Short-circuit, Over-current, Over-voltage, LED fault
  • Warranty: 3 years (Subject to warranty clause)

A smart pole unleashes the true potential of the digital era. It is built on the foundational concepts of loT, edge computing, artificial intelligence, electric mobility, safety, and sustainability. Smart poles provide an unique digital real estate to efficiently monetize infrastructure while addressing a number of industry segments through their modular and multifunctional capabilities. Hynetic offers tailor-made smart poles to meet the end needs of a customer while keeping in mind the affordability and reliability of the technology solution. The following clients find value in investing on smart poles. pole pole2

This charger is a compact, efficient and designed to meet the charging needs of Electric Rickshaws. Tested on Lead Acid batteries and compatible with Lithium Ion batteries On-board processing ensures that this charger can operate effectively at a wide input voltage range of 170 to 260 VAC and withstand adverse power line conditions. This charger is designed to operate with an DC output voltage of 36V to 64V with a nominal voltage of 48V. Integrated electrical safety protection is provided for the AC input voltage as well as DC output voltage. In-built battery charging algorithms ensure efficient charging and longer battery life. e-rickshaw


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