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Shenzhen Hejin Circuit Co., Ltd. is a leading metal PCB manufacturer and exporter in China. Shenzhen Hejin Circuit Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research and development, production and sale, specialized in high-end thermal conductivity aluminium PCB, copper PCB (thermoelectric separation), copper-aluminium PCB, iron PCB, COB aluminium PCB, double layer and multi-layer metal plate PCB.

Hejin Circuit was established in Shenzhen of China on August 2008, covers about 5000 square meters, with more than 360 people, the monthly production capacity can be up to 15000 square meters. All the products have wholly passed through the test of European Union “SGS-ROHS” and “SGS-REACH”. Also, company has got ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Authentication, RoHS Environment Management System Authentication and UL certification, UL number is E365537.

Company special products: Hejin circuit is dedicated to research and develop all kinds of high-precision and high-thermal conductivity aluminium PCB and copper PCB (copper-aluminium plates, iron substrates, COB aluminium plates).Adopting thermoelectric separation structure in the technology process, which can deal with the problem of heat dissipation for high-power LED light ball better and improve the heat transfer for high-power LED lighting products between 100w and 1000w especially. Our products are widely used in LED lighting, high-power power source, automotive, electronics, machinery, telecommunications, and other fields with cooling demand.

As a global leading metal PCB manufacturer, we have a professional team of PCB production and technology development, also purchases advanced automatic production equipment and precise testing equipment, what is more, we have strict quality management system. We always adhere to locate middle and high-level metal PCB market, rely on technology development and innovation, propose international MCPCB cooling technique, adapt to market needs, to make Hejin to be a leading flagship in metal PCB business.

With the aim of “Think more for clients, do more for clients, quality first, service first”, Hejin circuit carry out resources integrating, process integrating and department integrating to make clients really enjoy fast, excellent, and effective service. We always believe sincere cooperation and commitment, strive to provide high quality services to customers around the world, not only effort to achieve a win-win situation with customers and partners. In the progress of development, all Hejin people unite and work together to create first-class culture and be first-class enterprise.

Adhere to the ISO9000 standard and the spirit of perseverance, all the Hejin people participate in quality improvement, company absorb the latest international technology and improve product quality constantly, to meet customer demand. Working in pursuit of perfection is the requirements by Hejin people themselves; striving for excellence in profession is the goal that Hejin people pay tireless effort to pursue.








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Quality policy: Quality Comes First, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction.
Quality Comes First:
Quality is the main conditions for the survival and development, but also establish a good corporate brand image guaranteed. This information is highly developed in today's society whether it is business or commercial enterprise manufacturing, product quality and the importance of the enterprise, self-evident. Succeed in the increasingly fierce market competition in an invincible position, we must attach great importance to improve product quality, otherwise it would be difficult enterprise, the market ruthlessly eliminated. Only to realize the importance of quality but had to do it well. Therefore, enterprises strict quality control, strict compliance with the "three no principle, one, do not use substandard raw aluminium plate; 2, do not produce substandard aluminium plate products; 3, not out of substandard products into the aluminium plate market.
Continuous Improvement:
Such as product quality and product design from the beginning until the entire product manufactured from the pipeline, each of which are a part of the continuous improvement of quality can be hundred percent guarantee, then the production process quality testing is not available Missing an important basis, and only in the production process to prevent every process, in order to do the road by detecting 100% guaranteed products, rework phenomenon naturally became superfluous move. Therefore, we must put "Error protection" thinking throughout the entire production process, that is, from the beginning of product design, quality issues has been taken into account to ensure that each product can only be strictly in accordance with the right way to processing and installation, the production process so as to avoid possible errors. Eliminate rework phenomenon is mainly to reduce waste generation. Closely monitoring the various phenomena that produce waste (such as equipment, personnel, materials, and methods of operation, etc.), find the root cause, and then completely resolved. As business environment is changing, customer needs and expectations are constantly upgrading, to achieve customer satisfaction and needs, our strategy is to continue to improve.
Customer Satisfaction:
No best, only better. Enterprises in the process of growing constantly stressed the importance of customer satisfaction and has been recognized by customers. Customer satisfaction and expectations of our development. Is what we are pursuing, we are dedicated to our customers not only the quality assurance of products, but also reliable and timely good service! Customer satisfaction is more excited we are keenly aware of the expectations of our customers, listening to our customers and to meet the needs of customers with good service quality, lower operating costs, fast service speed to respond to customer needs, pursue and achieve quality management and service quality excellence.


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