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Bona Fide Technology Ltd. was established in 1995 as an LCD specialist producing high quality LCD products and display systems at competitive price.


Our factories are located at Dongguan, China and Ehsan, Malaysia which cover 5,000 and 7,000 square meters respectively with automatic production lines. Emphasizing on quality control and new product development, we have more than 500 workers including 100 professionals for QC department and R&D team.

Our LCD production capacity is 40,000 pairs glass per month. The raw glass size is 14" x 16". We have two production lines to handle the volume order and the trial order with small quantity. We are experienced in material procurement, production, and quality control, which contributes to low yield loss and competitive price. Our factories have been granted with ISO9001 certification and SONY SS00259 Green-partner certification.

In the past few years, we have been working on the applications of different industrial areas, such as telecommunications, industrial products, home appliances, automotive appliances, and medical products etc.

Our products range from small size 1" LCD panel to entire LCD products such as MP3 and electronic cashier to satisfy the increasing demands in the market. Having experienced partners in plastic and metal design and manufacturing, we can offer total solutions for customers, special designs to meet the market demands, innovative products development, and on-time deliveries.

We welcome your OEM & ODM inquiries, kindly send your requirements and we will reply you as soon as possible. Bona Fide is your one-stop solution to your LCD related products.


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Display Specialist for Standard and Custom-Made LCD Products, Colour and Mono TFT with Resistive or Capacitive Touch Panel.

  • Mirror LCD (MIRA™) Traditional reflective are transflective LCD are suffered from low brightness efficiency, sufficiently bright ambient environment or backlight is essential to view the display clearly. And the image shadowing effect is definitely affecting the image quality at different viewing angles. MIRA™ LCD provides large brightness efficiency, which enhance both contrast and readability under different environments. Also it has eliminated the shadowing effect, which greatly improves the sharpness of the image. Cyber look K.. Mirror-like K..
  • Mono Colour LCD (KALA™) KALA™ LCD is a newly developed technology, which targeted to provide fruitful colour display. Different from the intrinsic colour shown in STN technology, KALA provides much more saturated colour and various colour combinations such as green image on red background or yellow image on blue background.
  • All Viewing Angle (AVA™) We have a unique technology, called All Viewing Angle (AVA™), which can enhance the viewing angles of LCD greatly, to 180 degrees in one direction and 120 degrees in the other direction. This technology can be used to make LCD signage that can rival normal LED signage, in brightness, viewing angles and resolution. The advantages are: -
      1. AVA™ is 50% the cost of LED
      2. AVA™ can afford much better resolution than LED, which are in the form of dots
      3. AVA™ can be drive and controlled using conventional LCD driving method.

Fig. 1 shows a 2’x5’ AVA™ sign. One can see the great viewing angle of this display. At even 75o from the normal, the sign can still be seen easily. The AVA™ offers much better resolution and readability than ordinary LED signage.

6-bona 7-bona
  • Memo Display MEMO Display technology offers a new type of extremely low power LCD with inherent memory. The image is retained when the power is off. The display reflects light of desired colour with impressive brightness for very wide viewing angles. Features
    • Inherent memory V need power only for refreshing image, then can retain image without power
    • Extremely low power consumption, no backlight is required
    • Very cost effective
    • High contrast
    • Very wide viewing angles
    • High resolution availability
    • Varieties of unique colour combinations
  • Double STN (DSTN) FEATURES Background: negative mode Extended temp. range: Top = -30°C ~ +80°C, Tst = -40 ~ +90 °C Very good contrast up to high multiplex rate (CR=50: 1 @1/64 mux) Multiplex ratio: up to 1/240 mux Application: Automotive Prototype: on request July 2006 Upper price range (= 2 cells) 9-bona
  • ITN Technology Signage for KTX Train Station
      • Give high contrast and wide viewing angle
      • Very dark background
      • Graphic Display
      • 24 x 24 dots per unit
      • Can support different colour of LED backlight system
  • Custom-Made Displays
    One Stop Solution for Custom-Made Display! 11-bona
  • COG (Chip on Glass)
    Chip-On-Glass – a method in which a chip with Gold Bumps is directly mounted faced-down on the LCD glass substrate. This technology reduces a mounting area.
    • Very space economical. Chip-On-Glass LCD modules can be very thin.
    • Cost effective over COB, especially in graphic LCD modules, because much less IC's are required.
    • More reliable than TAB because of the weakness in the bond area of TAB.
  • 12-bona
  • COB (Chip on Board)
    Chip-on-Board (COB) is a popular IC mounting method that provides wire bonding as the direct attachment of bare die to laminated printed circuit boards. The LCD driver is formatted into an area on the PCB. Electrical connections are made by micro diameter gold wires. The entire area is then covered with epoxy.
    • Very compact
    • Space savings over Surface Mount Technology assembly.
    • Cost savings over SMT, since there is no plastic package.
  • 12-bona
  • TAB (Tab Automated Bonding)
    Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) LCD driver or controller electronics are encapsulated in a thin, hard bubble package, of which the drive leads extend from the bubble package on a thin plastic substrate. The adhesive along the edges is used to attach the TAB to the LCD glass and/or PCB.
    • Offers compactness (IC and its interfacing circuitry can be bent behind the LCD glass panel).
    • Sometimes more cost-effective than Chip-On-Glass if a designer has to integrate a keypad or indicator around the display.
    • Can provide interfacing at very fine pitches.
  • 13-bona
  • Colour Display
    LCD type: Color TFT
    Size: 1.44”, 1.77”, 2.2”, 2.4”, 2.8”, 3.2”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.3”, 5”, 5.6”, 5.7”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10.1”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15.6” and 17” 14-bona QVGA = Quarter Video Graphic Array = 240 x 320
    QCIF = Quarter Common Intermediate Format = 176 x 220
    QQVGA = Quarter QVGA = 128 x 160


  1. ISO9001:2000
  2. SGS report for RoHS Compliance
  3. Sony SS00259
  4. TS16949: Malaysia factory
  5. ISO14000: Malaysia factory
  6. ISO9001:2000: Malaysia factory
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